Dating advice for short guys

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Dating advice for short guys - 65 emaill contact of dating

Sometimes, if they have sufficient confidence and are willing to break with social norms.The desire to date taller men comes from a need to feel feminine and protected.

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The modern image of femininity emphasizes smallness (think Carrie Bradshaw).

Women, of course, are supposed to want their hips, butt, and thighs to look smaller.

Also, according to many media, women are supposed to be a size 6 (or below) and are supposed to weigh 120 pounds (or less), and these messages are never delivered with the caveat that a taller woman must necessarily be bigger.

Accepting one's body often involves actively rejecting the implications of a huge number of stimuli.

For example, one theme in Bridget Jones' Diary was her constant struggle with her weight, which topped out at 135, while a healthy 5'11" woman is in the 150-ish range.

A healthy 5'11" woman can therefore get the message that even at 15 pounds below her so-called ideal weight, she would still not be at a desirable weight.

Also remember that tall girls were often lanky and awkward in middle school or high school, so that they might be particularly vulnerable to dissatisfaction with their bodies and yearn for physical reassurance that they are small enough to fit the standard image of femininity.

Dating a taller man is filled with opportunities to make a woman feel small and protected: Willingness to date a shorter man means rejecting a lot of what society taught you, including the traditional gender role of the man as protector.

Many women will never make this break, especially given the pressures society puts on women (see my answer to ).

However, on a personal note, I think that dating shorter men has made me more confident, and I would highly recommend it.

It's novel and refreshing to be approximately the same mass as your partner.

If you have read my blog about on dressing taller for short men, one of the tips I shared was not to wear distressed or ripped jeans.